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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun tours of Napa

There can be no doubt that many of the best U.S. wines come from Napa Valley. The thirty-mile valley is home over two hundred wineries, and is known for its natural scenic beauty, a comfortable lifestyle, and of course wine of world class wine. Relax in the atmosphere of the Napa Valley; majestic hills, expansive vineyards and remarkable wineries. The more than 140 different soil varieties that, along with dozens of microclimates, endow Napa an extraordinary range of wines produced with its boundaries. The Napa Valley

makes wines in a unique style unknown in other parts of the world. They take advantage of the long growing season and produce wines that taste very ripe and wholesome and usually with 1-2% residual sugar.

Napa wines are crafted with care and in a style, which enables them to be consumed at three or four years in age. The full ageing potential is still unknown, as many of the wineries are relatively new. To have a fun tour of Napa, you must visit the several small family-owned wineries instead of the overcrowded commercial ones. Either take a tour on a bus with so many other visitors that you are severely restricted in your movements, or hire a limo, with a driver who may know the layout of Napa, but he may not know very much about the wine.

To really enjoy the Napa tour, travel in luxury SUVs with small groups of six family members or known friends.This way you can go to certain inaccessible places where the buses, and even the vans, cannot reach to see the best wineries not shown on maps or in travel guides. When in Napa, explore everything wine country has to offer. Visit some of the more famous, exclusive wineries, lose yourself in enchanting landscaped grounds and pass through the private redwood groves, caves, and vineyards. Miss not to taste exceptional small-lot handcrafted wines - absolutely the finest wines in the whole of America.

While most visitors tend to go to the wineries that line the valley floor, there is actually a second set of wineries away from the beaten path, or in the surrounding mountains. Many of these wineries are also people's homes where they make very small batches of hand-crafted wines. Make it a point to meet them, enjoy their hospitality and taste their home-made wines. You may find a more intimate wine experience by visiting the small and more personal wineries where you may directly talk with the winemaker or owner.

Experience first-hand the rich tradition and the specialties of family-owned and world-renowned wineries.To add to fun on your Napa tour, you can undertake a bike tour when you have the opportunity to cycle from winery to winery in the open air right alongside the vineyards. Touring the wine country by bike is a far more exciting and unforgettable experience than viewing the valley from the inside of a rental car or any other vehicle. Winery personnel in Napa region can help you to understand how to taste and enjoy the wine's color, texture and aroma.

Immerse yourself in the world-class wines, fine dining, abundant cultural venues and enamoring beauty that define the Napa Valley to be a paradise on earth. Napa valley Museumcan be a worthy attraction to those interested in the history of the city. Opting for the balloon rides in Sonama will be a thrilling experience as you soar through at an altitude of 100 feet, witnessing the rich natural beauty of the place.