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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tips for Experiencing a Wine Festival

The wine festival is a great event to be experienced. Each state has its own wine festival. It is great fun to go out there and enjoy tasting the wine, visiting the wineries in that area and the general atmosphere of the place. Of course you can return with the bottle of wine which is your favorite.

When you go to a wine festival, it is good to decide beforehand whether you are going to taste the wine or not. If you are going to taste it then take a driver along who will not drink, so that you can drive safely back home. If you are going to taste wine and have to drive home, spit it out into the many buckets kept at the festival, so that the wine does not affect you. Since a large variety of wines are available from different regions, it will be good to look at the map of the event given at the festival, to decide which ones you want to taste.

There will be many food courts at the festival. Here too, the varieties will be many. It is best to find out which food will go with which wine and then eat. Different tasty combinations of food and wine can be tried out. The best advantage of a food court is that the people tasting wine will not be on an empty stomach and will not get tipsy very quickly. In they do not eat and keep tasting wine; they will not be being able to enjoy much of the festival.

At the festival, wines from many regions will be available. This will be the best place to sample different kinds of wine. At the Lafayette Wine Festival in Colorado, because of the varied climate, you will get to taste many different flavors. You can talk to the people at the food courts and the people from the wineries, about the varieties served. You can also plan visits to wineries later on.

A scorecard will be given at the festival. You can taste the various types of wine and mark on the score card which flavors you liked.


The whole atmosphere at the festival will be lively and interesting. Enjoy the atmosphere. Talk to all the different kinds of people you meet. You can watch the people enjoying their wine, getting tipsy, talking generally about the wine festival. All this can be enjoyed only if you can be balanced in your drinking and tasting the wine. A wine festival is good for the amateur and the connoisseur for tasting the wines. The wine lover will have a great time at such a festival. With so many different tastes to sip, people have a great time enjoying their wine. The people organizing the wine festival will be able to give tips about the different types of wines from the different regions in each state. They will be able to give you details of the vineyards from which the particular brand of wine comes from. They can give you the history of the vineyards and the regions famous for a particular type of wine. Such information is interesting and will help in enjoying the festival better.

With so much to look forward to, it is really great to experience a wine festival, whichever state it is held in.