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Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tours
by the Wine Country Tour Shuttle

Napa Valley Wine Tours in Napa Valley offer the most unique array of wineries given their poplularity in California. There are lots of vineyards in California, but none like Napa Valley because only in Napa Valley will you find large mega wineries as well as small boutique wineries. By comparison, Sonoma, Temecula Country, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo wineries generally only have smaller to mid-size wineries. During a Napa Wine Tour it's great to visit the larger and smaller private wineries to get a good feel of the differences of wine. Don't think for a second that only boutique wineries make good wine. Given the technological advances in Napa Wine and wine in general there are some great advantages during the wine making process that can be fully taken advantage of by a larger winery.

Napa Wine Country Tours are now the number one attraction in California (since 2005) over Disneyland. Never before has so many people been interested in Napa wines. This is a great time to go to Napa Valley and taste great wines, go on a picnic lunch and even consider a relaxing ferry cruise to/from San Francisco. The Wine Country Tour Shuttle offers a tour that does just that. Please check out our itinerary by clicking Napa Wine Tours.

About Wine Tasting in Napa Valley:

Going on a wine country tour in Napa Valley versus going on a Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tour can be different. For one, you know you're going to want to drink lots of wine on a wine tasting tour and are probably prepared to visit 4 to 5 wineries or even more. On a regular Napa Wine Tour, which is more of a general wine country tour, you are probably going to want to stop for lunch, tour the insides of wineries and not get so caught up on tasting various wines in one given day. These two approaches are important when planning your day or tour in the wine country.

Here is a basic recap of the tour...

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