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Wine Bottle Labels

Reading a bottle of wine

The wine label
Certain information needs to appear on the label. Some information is mandatory to be on the front (alcohol content) and some information just needs to appear somewhere. If you're a person who is not into wines with so much acid than the label can be a good source.

For the most part, the wine label is a marketing tool. It is has been known that most people who don't know much about wines will select a wine based on the appearance of the label. When it comes to wine, a lot of people fall into the category or trap that if it has such a nice label it must be a really good wine. In some cases, that may very well be the case. But the question is, is it a good tasting wine for your pH?

Label Items

1) Brand Name
2) Class type (table wine, dessert wine...)
3) Percentage of alcohol by volume.
4) Name and location of bottler
5) Net contents (expressed in millileters). The standard size wine bottle is 750 ml.
6) The phrase "contains sulfites"
7) Quality ("Select Reserve")
8) Vineyard