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Domaine Chandon - Napa Valley

Domaine Chandon has one of the most beautiful estates and visited wineries in Napa Valley, Domaine Chandon has a vast collection of art work throughout their grounds showcasing the natural beauty of Napa. In addition to the majestic landscape which includes vines, trees, ponds and, an inescapable view of the valley that sits right behind their spacious tasting room and much more. Domaine Chandon has a vast variety of handcraft wines. With a large selection of sparkling wines, it is no surprise to know that for Domaine Chandon it all starts at the vineyards. To not visit this sparkling wine winery would be a big miss on your wine country tour.

Winery Facts:

Domaine Chandon is owned by Moet-Hennessey-Louis Vuitton, the massive and popular French holding company. Chandon is the first French owned California winery since 1973. Today they grow grapes suitable for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Simultaneously, Chandon opened a restaurant where their sparkling and still wines would best be complimented in an ideal setting for food and wine.

The Chandon facility is known for its tremendous landscaping starting with the entry road, the abstract fountains in the man-made ponds - to the ivy vines that wrap themsevles to the sides of the winery.

Featured Wines:


Brut Classic- A delicious sparkling wine, with a nutty flavor accented with citrus spices delivers complex characteristic aromas of apple and pear allowing for a refreshing dry finish.

Pinot Noir Rose- As vibrant a color as taste, this wine unfolds layer after layer, with sweets aromas of toffee, butterscotch while exploding with fresh fruit flavors of raspberry and blueberry.

étoile Rose- The perfect combination of strong fruit of a red wine yet with the elegant structure of a fine white. The process for crafting such a wine takes many steps. With rich aromas of plum, dark cherry fruit and nutmeg this wine is refined while full of flavor.

Pinot Nior- With layers of fruity aromas such as blackberry, plum and toffee unfolding with hints of truffle and cherry cola. Rich in flavor this wine is silky and plush with a lingering finish.

Tasting Room:

We will have an opportunity to taste
the wines outside.

During the winery tour, Domaine Chandon guide
will show us the different colors of their sparkling wines











Winery Features:

Domaine Chandon blends beautiful architecture with the majestic landscape of the Napa Valley. The grounds are filled with unique art, from rock sculpture to fine oil paintings every corner brings guests on an adventure of smell to taste.


Winery Tour:

At Domaine Chandon, The Wine Country Tour Shuttle guests will be treated to a thrilling tour of the Chandon winery. At various stops on the tour, you will see thousand gallon stainless-steel fermentation tanks, as well as their barrel room on an even lower ground of the chandon facilty.