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Fun, Unique way to Napa Valley

Glass Roof is Retractable for best views and comfort!

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Robert Mondavi Winery

Amazing Napa Experience!

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Open Top Napa Valley Tour

Amazing Napa Valley vineyard views from the only Open-Top Shuttle to Napa

Open Top Sprinter

w/ Robert Mondavi Winery

Tour Video Presentation

Only Open-Top Tour in Napa Valley!
Small Group Tours! Picnic lunch included! 4 Winery Stops! Fun, Unique way to Napa Valley from San Francisco.

Tour Itinerary

  • STARTS AT: The Ferry Building (in San Francisco at 8:15am)

    The Ferry Building is home to our local marketplace with some breakfast opportunities including famous Blue Bottle Slow Drip Coffee.

  • Shuttle to Napa Valley (over the Golden Gate Bridge)

  • Stop at Golden Gate Bridge (Pictures / Restroom Break)

    We will get a quick picture stop from the Marin County view of the Golden Gate Bridge with majestic city views. Restrooms available.

  • Domain Chandon (Sparkling Winery)

    A guest-pleaser. They offer indoor and outdoor seating so you can get either table service with cheese, bread and meats or just walk up to the tasting bar.

  • Bouchon Pastry & Coffee Shop (Thomas Kellers Famous Location)

    Get delectable pastries and sit outside their beautiful Yountville courtyard. Coffee and pastries from one of the best known chefs in the world is a perfect way to get the Napa Experience started.

  • Robert Mondavi Winery (Winery Tour & Tasting Included)

    This famous Napa Valley Winery will be one of our stops on this tour. At this winery the tasting fee is included. A winery tour of Mondavi is also included.

  • V. Sattui Winery (Winery of the year)

    Great lunch deli, (voucher provided), great wines, fantastic fast service and convenient outdoor picnic tables.

  • Picnic Lunch in Napa Valley

    Most of the time we will do a picnic Lunch at V. Sattui Winery. Sometimes, we will do the picnic lunch at Andretti winery. Picnic lunch is provided on the tour.

  • St. Clair Brown Brewery & Winery w/ Winery Tour (Urban Winery with Beers, Wines and Tasty Treats)

    This winery and brewery stop will be our winery tour of the day. You will get both presentations on wine-making and beer-making processes. We could not end the tour without getting the chance to taste a cold one first.

  • Break at OxBow Market (Time Permitting; Fun Napa Food Court)

    Great opportunities for more food, more coffee, more wines and a lively indoor expereince.

  • Ferry/Bay Cruise to San Francisco

  • ENDS AT: The Ferry Building

* Winery substitutions may occur and can be either Mumm Vineyards (Sparkling Wines), or Beaulieu Vineyards (BV Winery)

Coming From Napa Valley? Click here

  • Open Top Shuttle!

    Retractable Roof Open Top Sprinter - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco
  • Window Roof Top Shuttle!

    Retractable Roof Sprinter - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco
  • Amazing Views!

    Open-Top Sprinter - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

ABOUT THE OPEN TOP SPRINTER TO NAPA Valley Tour from San Francisco

This Open Top Tour is designed to be the best sightseeing tour experience in America. There is no more beautiful place to have an open top experience, with the wind flowing just above your head, but not in your face, than in Napa Valley. Our goal is to show you Napa Valley, taste some great wines and stop at other iconic wineries for picture stops. We will also enjoy a Picnic Lunch, and a Ferry Bay Cruise to end the tour. To pile on: It’s a small group tour as well. The Roof can close, at will, so for the freeway ride up, there will be a glass roof over your head and once we get into Napa at slower speeds we open up the roof to enjoy the majestic views.

YouTube Video Tour Explanation.
Quick, Easy Watch!

Tour Benefits

  • Small Sprinter Roof Top is made of glass. We will ride to Napa Valley with roof closed and open it once we arrive.
  • Smaller Groups (18 Passengers max).
  • Expert Tour Guide on board.
  • Premium Napa Valley Winery Stops.
  • Winery & Brewery Tour included as one of the stops.
  • Picnic Lunch Included in the Tour.
  • Two Winery Tours on this experience. (Mondavi Tour & St. Clair Brown Tour)
  • Ferry/Bay Cruise included to avoid going home traffic.


Domaine Chandon Winery Napa Valley Shuttle Tours

Domain Chandon

Most Recognized Sparkling Wine Winery in Napa Valley. This prestigious winery is home to some of Napa’s most beautiful grounds and vistas. Domain Chandon offers a tasting menu, food options and wines by the glass purchases.

Bouchon Bakery Napa Valley Shuttle Tours

Bouchon Bakery

A famous pastry and coffee shop by famed restaurant entrepreneur, Thomas Keller, the founder of the French Laundry. Just 2 minutes away from Domain Chandon is an opportunity to get some great coffee and even better bakery items (pictured).

Visit Mondavi Winery - Napa Tour from San Francisco

Robert Mondavi Winery

Robert Mondavi established his namesake winery in 1966 with a vision to create Napa Valley wines that would stand in the company of the world’s finest. This first-growth vineyard is renowned for producing some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the world, as well as for its Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

V Sattui winery - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

V. Sattui Winery

Almost every year or at least every other year this winery has the tendency to win Winery of the Year. You will know by the way the winery is perfectly laid and designed so that customers can get food fast for lunch or have access to the wine tasting bar.

St. Clair Brown Brewery and Winery - Napa Valley Tours

St. Clair Brown Brewery & Winery

We love the St. Clair Brown Brewery & Winery for both the urban feel and their desire to make you feel at home and this stop will be our Winery Tour – they will go over the wine making and beer making processes with us during the tour.

SF Ferry Building - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

The Ferry Building

You just finished an amazing day in Napa Valley after getting off of a Ferry Boat, now what is this amazing place? It’s home to San Francisco’s famous indoor marketplace. Grab some oysters at Hogg Island Oysters or grab a seat and get dinner at San Francisco’s Top Restaurant, The Slanted Door, or just walk around and get some bread, cheese or find an Italian Restaurant or even just a hamburger.

Ferry Cruise – Perfect way to end the day –

It’s not just any Napa Wine Tour from San Francisco. On this tour you will take a ferry cruise from Napa Valley back to San Francisco as the sun begins to set. You can go outside or inside the boat during this 40-minute calm boat cruise across the bay back to the Ferry Building.

This ferry cruise is key because it completely avoids bad traffic back to San Francisco. From the Ferry/Bay Cruise you will get close to Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, the city of San Francisco, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge from a short distance away. Thus, during the Ferry/Bay Cruise portion of your wine country tour, it will be at this point, you will know you made the right choice!

Picnic Lunch

Picnic LunchWe provide you with a picnic lunch at one of our premium Napa Valley wineries during the tour.

The lunch will include meats, salads and fruit. It’s great to grab a bottle of wine from the winery you are visiting during your lunch and share it with others on the tour.


  • Everyday: 8:15am
  • 8.5 Hours Tour Length


Retractable Roof Open Top Tour

  • $209 per person (Fridays & Saturdays)
  • $199 per person (Sunday – Thursday) – Save $10!

– Includes Ferry Bay Cruise (Avoids Traffic)
– Includes Picnic Lunch in Napa
– Includes Tour & Tasting at Robert Mondavi Winery
– Other tasting fees: please plan on $15 to $20 for 5 tasting flight at the other 3 wineries

Do you want to BOOK THE ENTIRE SPRINTER and turn this tour into a PRIVATE TOUR?

Small Group Shuttle

  • $169 per person (Everyday)

– Same wineries as Open Top Version of Mondavi Tour
– Includes Ferry Bay Cruise (Avoids Traffic)
– Includes Picnic Lunch in Napa
– Includes Tour & Tasting at Robert Mondavi Winery
– Other tasting fees: please plan on $15 to $20 for 5 tasting flight at the other 3 wineries

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